Casper Orthopedics to Relocate Their Westside Therapy Center Location

Casper Orthopedics will be relocating their Westside Therapy Center location in Casper to 4070 Plaza Drive, Suite 107. The new location is set to start seeing patients Monday, March 4. Patients in need of specialized orthopedic care or therapy are encouraged to request an appointment by calling (307) 265-7205.

“We are excited for our new Westside Therapy Center location to open,” says Charles Robertson, chief executive officer of Casper Orthopedics. “It will allow us to provide residents of Casper and the surrounding communities with access to state-of-the-art equipment and dry needling.”

In addition to this therapy center location, Casper Orthopedics also provides therapy at their Eastside Therapy Center, located in Casper at 4140 Centennial Hills Blvd., Suite A, which is in the same building as their Casper clinic. Both locations offer advanced therapy provided by highly trained physical and occupational therapists.

For more information about Casper Orthopedics or to schedule an appointment, please call (307) 265-7205.