Casper Orthopedics' Pickleball Injury Experts Offer Prevention Tips

Pickleball is widely believed to be the fastest-growing sport in the country, and the local experts at Casper Orthopedics indicate that pickleball’s rising popularity plays a role in the spike in injuries they are seeing. As the most preferred orthopedic practice in the region, Casper Orthopedics is an expert source for bone, joint and muscle care for pickleball players of all levels. To help players get the most out of their time on the court, the fellowship-trained doctors at Casper Orthopedics have provided guidelines to help them stay safe and avoid injury. Those with an injury keeping them off the court are encouraged to call 307-265-7205 for an appointment in Casper or Douglas. For urgent needs, patients can visit their OrthoCare Now walk-in clinic at 4140 Centennial Hills Blvd.

“As orthopedic and sports medicine doctors, we are excited to see more members of our community getting passionate about a sport they enjoy,” said Dr. Daniel White, fellowship-trained and board-certified sports medicine surgeon. “While being active is a great part of a healthy lifestyle, injuries getting in your way are always a risk. To keep pickleball players on the court, our entire expert team at Casper Orthopedics offers the care and rehabilitation needed.”

The region’s pickleball injury experts at Casper Orthopedics describe the most common conditions affecting pickleball players and how to avoid them:

  • Pickleball elbow: Pickleball elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is often due to overuse. Prevent this elbow injury by warming up and taking regular breaks to allow your arm to recover.
  • Knee injuries: Injuries to the ligaments and cartilage, like ACL or meniscus tears, can happen with sudden movements or falls. Wear supportive footwear and mind your footing.
  • Wrist injuries: Wrist injuries can happen due to falls or improper technique. Use supportive braces or wraps and practice proper stroke techniques to avoid injury.
  • Hip fractures: A fall on the court can lead to a broken hip. Wear appropriate footwear and maintain a clear court free of hazards to help prevent these falls.
  • Achilles tendinitis: The Achilles tendon can become inflamed through repetitive stress. Prevent ankle injuries by warming up properly and gradually increasing training intensity.

The doctors at Casper Orthopedics are the exclusive regional doctors for treating pickleball injuries in affiliation with Pickleball Doctors. Visit for injury prevention tips and exercises. For any injury, it is crucial to seek treatment right away from experts who know how to find the best possible solution. The providers at Casper Orthopedics also offer same-day care for injuries without appointment at OrthoCare Now in Casper Monday through Friday.

To learn more or to schedule an appointment with the experts at Casper Orthopedics, please call 307-265-7205.