What to Expect With a Wrist Fusion

A wrist fusion involves joining bones of the wrist together to help improve their alignment. Typically, this surgery is performed as a treatment for arthritis in the wrist. It allows the bones to form and grow into one solid bone, which can help eliminate pain since the bones are no longer rubbing against each other.

In the recovery period after a wrist fusion surgery, it is very important to make sure that you are following all of your doctor’s instructions as well as taking proper care of the surgery site. Your arm will be placed in a splint following surgery. This splint is used to help protect the surgery site as well as decrease the swelling. Additionally, your doctor will prescribe a form of pain medication to help manage the pain during your recovery.

Following surgery, it is crucial that you avoid using your splinted arm for the first six weeks. This will allow the tissues in your arm time to heal. Until your sutures have been removed or when your doctor or physical therapist advises you to do so, do not lift anything heavier than a pencil.

As you continue to recover and once your sutures have been removed, you will typically start physical therapy. A physical therapist will teach you exercises that will lessen the scarring around the incision site, improve the range of motion in your fingers and hand, and help you increase your hand and arm strength.

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