Superior Capsule Reconstruction Surgery

Dedicated to providing our patients the most advanced treatment options available, Casper Orthopedics offers an innovative procedure called superior capsule reconstruction (SCR) surgery. This procedure is used as an alternative to reverse shoulder replacement in the repair of irreparable rotator cuff injuries. 

Composed of a group of tendons, ligaments, and muscles that allow for the full range of motion in the shoulder joint, the rotator cuff can be damaged from injury or overuse and repaired with routine surgery. When rotator cuff tears occur and are retracted with a loss of muscle function, the injury is not repairable in a way that restores function to the shoulder. The treatment options for the loss of function in these patients are an SCR or a reverse total shoulder replacement. In active patients, SCR allows for their overhead function and active lifestyles to be restored.

It is technically challenging to perform SCR surgery, but it provides a biologic solution to a bad problem that has only total shoulder replacement options otherwise. With extensive training and experience in treating rotator cuff injuries as well as shoulder arthroscopy, our fellowship-trained sports medicine surgeons, Dr. Matthew Gorman and Dr. Daniel White, and our fellowship-trained upper extremity surgeon, Dr. Robert Allaire, have the specialized knowledge and technical skill necessary to perform this minimally invasive procedure and repair your shoulder to get you back to your active lifestyle.

During the procedure, the surgeon enters the shoulder with a small camera to view the surgery and grafts donor tissue over the shoulder joint to correct the position of the shoulder, reducing pain and restoring function. Typically, patients are in a sling for six weeks and then begin active rehabilitation. Patients can gain overhead function as early as three months but often feel closer to normal after six months of rehabilitation. Patients are typically able to return to activities including golf, mountain biking, tennis, skiing, and swimming.

If you’re suffering from an irreparable rotator cuff injury, request an appointment online or call (307) 265-7205 to schedule an appointment with one of our fellowship-trained surgeons and learn about your treatment options.