Clayton Wilson, M.S., M.P.E./A.A., L.A.T., A.T.C., O.T.C., C.S.C.S., F.M.S.-C.

Clayton Wilson photo

Clayton grew up in Green River. He went to UW for his bachelor’s degree, Boise State University for his master’s degree, and Idaho State University for a second master’s degree. He became a certified athletic trainer in 1998 and a certified strength and conditioning specialist in 2002. Through the years, Clayton has gained a vast amount of experience through preseason internships with the Arizona Cardinals (1997 – 2000) as well as by being the assistant then head athletic trainer at Missouri Valley College (2001 – 2004), the head athletic trainer at Adams State University (2004 – 2014), and an athletic trainer in Wyoming at Casper Orthopedics (2014 – present).

Casper Orthopedics has given Clayton direct access to the knowledge of doctors, casting/splinting skills, and the ability to assist in surgery as well as helped him develop better evaluation skills. In 2016, Clayton received his Orthopedic Technologist Certification as well as his Functional Movement Screening Certification. He has been to multiple types of conventions over the years regarding athletic training, strength and conditioning, hockey, football, baseball, wrestling, and more. Clayton wanted to come back to Wyoming since he left, but the physician clinic gave him the opportunity to develop sports medicine outreach, learn new orthopedic skills, learn assisting techniques in surgery, and still give him the family time he wanted.